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Was created to solve three challenges:

Challenge 1

Talented young South Africans don’t have enough options to kickstart careers in IT generally and software development specifically.

Challenge 2

The IT sector, though growing exponentially, has a critical skills shortage.

Challenge 3

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate plummeted to 64.4% in the second quarter of 2021.

By solving these challenges, redAcademy fast-tracks careers for selected young, talented South Africans, which we call Sprinters. This benefits the youth, the industry and the country – including customers who need innovative IT Solutions. redAcademy is the most efficient path from matric to software career and so much more than your average learnerships.

About redAcademy

Powered by specialised enterprise retail software developer redPanda Software, redAcademy is a stand-alone organisation with a clear goal: give carefully chosen, talented South Africans an opportunity to sprint into their IT careers by working closely with industry-leading redPanda Software senior developers and customers, designed to fast-track careers in the real world.

Our vision is a country and industry where there are an abundance of skills and jobs for our young people. The IT industry is poised to continue growing at lightning speed as technological innovation sweeps through every conceivable industry.

Read how redAcademy is narrowing the gap between skills and opportunity here »

Rather than replace existing training academies, redAcademy has been designed to complement efforts to bring more South Africans into the workforce by proactively developing skilled IT professionals who end the programme with a certificate of achievement and a job.

Our mission is to develop a sustainable pipeline of highly employable and astute software developers to fulfil the local and global IT market recruitment needs. redAcademy does this through offering the most relevant software development and real world skills training to a select group of high school graduates who are representative of South Africa’s demographics.

SPRINT IN JAN 2023 opens 12 Sep 2022

Intake of Sprinters will commence from 12 September 2022 for a limited time!
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Who is the ideal Sprinter?
Finished matric and ready to fast-track a career
Eager to gain practical real-world coding experience
Ability to attend work at Cape Town redPanda offices
A positive attitude and willingness to learn
A go-getter who is motivated
Team player
Works in harmony with others
Takes pride in their work and efforts
Takes accountability
Eager to learn and use the most relevant, industry-used and needed coding languages
A natural inclination towards problem-solving
Considers themselves as Sprinters

Fast-Tracking Your Path To Your First Job

redAcademy was designed to kick-start and cultivate the careers of young people. The entire programme is developed to integrate successful students into the career of their dreams, while building a solid network. Employment beyond the year’s course is in the Sprinter’s hands – a job is guaranteed if they adhere to their contract’s conditions such as attendance, embracing team culture and passing their tests.


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