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According to Trading Economics, South Africa’s unemployment rate climbed to 35.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021, up from 34.9% in the previous period. It was the highest jobless rate since comparable data began in 2008. The number of unemployed persons increased by 278 thousand to 7.9 million, employment rose by 262 thousand to 14.5 million and the labour force went up by 540 thousand to 22.5 million.  Couple that with an ailing economy that’s seemingly worsening and the outlook for the country’s youth looks quite bleak at first glance. However, we are one organisation that’s taking the skills and unemployment crises head-on.  At redAcademy we pay our students a stipend from day one of training. We are on a mission to fast-track careers in the real world, that’s destined to narrow the gap between skills and opportunities.

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The redAcademy course is 12 months long.

Students will receive a stipend for the full 1 year sprint from the very first month in the academy and those that qualify will be placed into a full-time professional job the following year, effectively paying off their studies within a year.

Application is simple, we ask you create a short introductory video (using your phone or computer – what ever is easiest) and share with it on our WhatsApp number and fill out the form. You can find the application form here »

As we all know, tuition comes at a cost due to the time and resources that go into developing skills. redAcademy, through help from redPanda Software and partners, has been able to significantly reduce this cost. A once-off fee of R 43 200 is payable at the start of the sprint and covers the program costs, access to professional lectures, use of redAcademy’s online network, course material and operational expenses. Students will receive a stipend for their full sprint and those that qualify will be placed into a full-time professional job the following year, effectively paying off their studies within a year. redAcademy has partnered with some prominent forward thinking South African businesses to further reduce the upfront costs through our affiliation with these partners.

Yes! We are so confident in our programme that Sprinters who successfully complete the year will be placed into positions within the industry.

We encourage all to apply, through partnerships we have been able to further reduce fees. However, as we all know, operational costs are a part of any business which we do need to cover to continue offering the highest level of training. A monthly stipend of R 3 600 is paid from the first month to support our sprinters through the year in the academy.

We encourage all candidates to come to our Academy prior to starting the course as a part of the interview process. This is to gauge the suitability for yourself travelling and being a part of our dynamic learning environment as well as to complete the suitability testing process. Please reach out to our team via the mailing address if any concerns regarding committing a year to the academy or further details needed on this.

This is a Cape Town based academy, so if you are planning on moving here that would be great.

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Not at all, you don’t need coding experience to start the redAcademy tuition.

Absolutely! redAcademy offers a range of experiential learning in an office environment, including a learnership, working on live client projects and mentorship from senior developers. This experience combined into the learning environment ensures redAcademy sprinters can fast track their work place readiness as a productive team member in a software organisation.

View the course outline here »

The 12 month programme is based on experiential learning from top IT lecturers and senior developers currently working in the software industry. This includes C# coding and a NQF Level 5 in systems development offered in our office based campus and using our online learning platform.

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