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Building A Resource Pipeline

It’s time for the Software industry to focus on building its resource pipeline.

The proliferation of technology across all aspects of the organisation is creating a huge demand for software developers. Yet, South African companies are being held back by a lack of skills, meaning that more often than not, C-Suite Executives are missing out on fulfilling their mandates to deliver successful software-driven projects that will be crucial to business growth.

Even worse, it means that there is a huge war for already scarce talent. Combating this sustainably requires growing the talent pool, building a sustainable pipeline of work-ready software developers for the future, and solidifying succession planning within the business. 

This is the only way to ensure an inflow of new talent so that high-performing employees, who are already accustomed to your company’s work processes and culture, can be promoted up the ladder. 

Business leaders, especially CTOs, are faced with numerous pressures beyond rolling out new technologies, including having to source scarce talent and then train them to meet their business requirements. But, what if there is a more efficient way of getting access to young developers who are work-ready, have the relevant soft skills and already have the experience of working on your organisation’s live projects?

Most associate a career in software development with first getting a degree. But, if a business needs a specific skill set and there is a pressing need to fill positions, there has to be another way in which more young South Africans are brought into the workplace.

What A Partnership With redAcademy Would Entail

redAcademy is an opportunity for your organisation to make an investment in securing a specialised, tailor trained talent pipeline of work ready software developers.

redAcademy gives selected young South Africans the ability to fast-track their IT careers by taking part in a ‘Career Sprint’, a one-year, MICT SETA-accredited experiential software training programme that blends theoretical training by dedicated software lecturers with practical experience, that involves working with senior developers to develop working solutions for real customers using the most relevant coding languages.

Recruitment Process

Owning the full recruitment process through our proven rigorous recruitment methodology.

Full Daily Operations

Running of full daily operational processes and redAcademy team oversight at your premises.

Training Candidates

Training candidates on your tech stack and best practices through our bespoke learning platform and dedicated lecturers, inside your office environment.

Work Readiness

Focussing on work readiness for your office culture, embedding our candidates inside your office environment.

B-BEE & Skills Development

Increasing your B-BEE goals of skills development and learnership recognition through the offering of SETA approved NQF Level 5 training to your Sprinters.

Deliver IT Projects

Working on your organisations backlog IT projects to deliver these at the same cost, ahead of schedule whilst candidates are with the academy.

Our academy is designed to fast-track careers in the real world, providing your organisation with a dedicated software talent pipeline to scale your business, allow for succession planning in your IT team and eliminate the onboarding time in the search, recruitment, onboarding and training of your junior tech talent.

Securing your talent pipeline with redAcademy allows your organisation to attribute this spend through your Human Capital budget under skills development as well as look to access bonus absorption points through offering permanent employment to Sprinters upon successful completion of the academy and entering your organisation on a full time basis.

Key Benefits For Corporates To Partner With redAcademy

Here is how partnering with redAcademy supports your business:


A secured, trained, tested, scalable; work ready pipeline of software talent entering your business.


Your IT department benefit from software project delivery ahead of schedule at no extra cost to the division.


A secure talent pipeline in a sector with a dire skills shortage.


Eliminate the drain on your resources through long onboarding timeframes for juniors.


Your organisation being a part of the solution in South Africa, addressing the youth unemployment and skills deficit crisis


Access to team members who have been trained on your tech stack, in your business, with your IT needs in mind.


Bringing in new talent trained in your tech stack and best practices on a regular basis, allows for internal succession planning of existing employees.


Usage of skills development spend in a way that benefits Human Capital and IT departments together in furthering business scalability.

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A partnership with redAcademy is an opportunity for your organisation to make an investment in securing a specialised, tailor trained talent pipeline of work ready software developers. 

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