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How to plan and pay for tertiary education

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 Investing in your education could be the most important outlay you ever make, but it requires careful planning and commitment. 

 “An analysis of the national unemployment statistics makes it clear those with qualifications are far less likely to join the unemployment queues. Education is vital and you will have the rest of your life to be grateful for making sacrifices now,” says Jessica Hawkey, MD of redAcademy. 

Mrs. Hawkey advises:

  • Take time to work out exactly what the costs are, from tuition, transport, equipment and textbooks to food, accommodation and any other fees;
  • Once you know how much you need, work out how long it will take for you to be in a position to repay your loans after you have qualified. Investigate how work-ready you will be after you graduate so you can consider ways to improve your employability while you study;
  • There are various ways to pay for your studies – loans, bursaries, a combination of the two as many bursaries cover only some of the costs, or working while you study part time; and
  • Start earning as soon as you can – look for retail or hospitality work at weekends, in the evenings and during holidays.

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