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How redAcademy Works

Selected young South Africans now have another option: fast-track their IT careers in a live environment, taught by dedicated software lecturers and guided by senior real-world developers, to develop working solutions for real customers, using the most-relevant coding languages. This is how we cultivate careers.
And better than your average Leanerships SA.
Successful redAcademy applicants that put in the effort get the opportunity to:
Swap the campus
For a meeting room
Swap three years
With one year
Swap a qualification
With a career
Swap theory
With practical knowledge
Swap being alone
With an IT industry network
Swap seeing
With doing
Swap waiting
With achieving
How Long is a redAcademy Sprint?
Successful candidates will enter into a one-year contract where six months will be weighted towards theory, learning career dynamics, learning business structure, and more. The second six months is a sprint that’s weighted towards actual, real-world development of solutions for an array of the biggest retail customers in the country, where Sprinters focus on experiencing and understanding software development in the real world.
Course outline:
At redPanda Software offices
Theory and coding provided at redPanda offices by a professional lecturer with support from senior, industry-leading developers
What will be taught
C#, SQL, Java Script, CSS, and HTML (predominantly C# will be taught). Other languages such as mobile development and Java may be integrated in line with industry needs
Real-world projects
Real-world sprints and projects: how they work, what to expect, how to approach
Live working environments
Integration with live working environments to build a network and understanding of real-world work
Practical training
Practical training in live environments at head office and on site
Ongoing mentorship and access to leading developers
Cutting edge retail solutions
Live development and work with real-world customers, developing cutting-edge and leading enterprise retail solutions
Live client experience, certificate of completion, redStandard of excellence, and a guaranteed job interview for successful candidates.
Costs Versus Value
So here is the good news…
At redAcademy we pay our students a learner allowance from day one of training. Yes you read that correctly; redAcademy will pay you to sprint your career!
The tuition fee is R 46 800 payable at the start of your sprint and you will earn that full amount back within one year of learning and growing with redAcademy.

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