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Why Software Development?

In today’s world, technology is being infused across all aspects of our life. While we may often just think of phones and the apps that we use, even more things around us are becoming smart. Think of smart TVs, fridges that can now connect to the internet, security cameras you can watch on your phone from anywhere and even cars that can drive themselves.

However, these are just the more popular – or should we say visible – examples. Technology is shaking things up across all sectors, including telecoms, banking, insurance, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services and much more.

All of this technology has to work properly for it to be useful, and this is where software development, or coding, comes in. By using computer programming languages, coding helps us humans interact with electronic devices and get them to perform specific tasks. You might have heard popular languages such as C# (pronounced ‘C-sharp’), Java Script, SQL, HTML and CSS – but there’s a whole lot more too.

Of course, if you put technology into everything, it also means a higher requirement for those with software development skills. Add in the acceleration of online shopping, and working from home (or anywhere) and it’s no surprise that developers are among the most sought-after talent in South Africa.

South African companies are actively looking for the top tech talent to work on these technologies and redAcademy is their strategic partner to build a sustainable pipeline of top tech talent for the future. 

If you have a passion for technology, this could be your opportunity to shape the future of the IT industry. 


Why Choose redAcademy?

Increasingly, 3-year software degrees don’t carry the same value that they used to, with organisations preferring not only software developers with experience, but ones who are trained in using their technology stack and have the work-readiness to enter the software industry – this is what makes redAcademy’s Sprinters valuable from the first day at the organisations where they are placed.
Successful candidates will enter into a one-year, MICT SETA-accredited programme where the first six months are weighted toward theory, learning career dynamics, learning business structure, and more. Learning is carried out at our client partners’ offices by professional lecturers, with support from senior, industry-leading software developers.

The second six month period sees continued learning alongside practical training, which sees candidates engaging with live development and work on leading enterprise technology solutions for major customers. This helps Sprinters experience and understand software development in the real world and enables them to enter the workplace without a skills gap between learned knowledge and experience. 

And, unlike traditional academic institutions, our successful Sprinters don’t just get some experience and a certificate of achievement, they also get a job at one of our corporate partners. The benefit to these corporate partners is that candidates are skilled on their own tech stack and have the soft skills to successfully embark on a career in the tech industry. 

Another difference with redAcademy is that we pay our candidates a learner allowance from day one of training. 

Yes you read that correctly; redAcademy will pay you to sprint your career!

The tuition fee is R43 200 payable at the start of your sprint and you will earn that full amount back within one year of learning and growing with redAcademy.


Sprinter Criteria

We are looking for young South Africans who have finished matric and are ready to fast-track their careers in IT through gaining practical real-world coding experience and the work-readiness to successfully enter the tech industry. They should be positive, motivated and willing to learn, with a natural inclination toward problem-solving.
Our Sprinters (as we call our candidates) are team players who work well in harmony with others, are accountable and take pride in their work and efforts. You must be able to attend work in person at our office based campus.
Does this sound like you? Are you ready to take the first step towards Career Sprint in tech?


Course Outline

Our Career Sprint is designed to produce highly skilled graduates with holistic software developer capabilities. Sprinters undertake their training on campus, in our corporate partners’ live work environment. Rather than being purely academic in nature, redAcademy takes a holistic view toward developing young South Africans for the modern workplace, and this includes a strong focus on soft skills and work readiness.

Using the term ‘soft skills’ doesn’t mean that these are less important than hard skills – in this case coding. On the contrary, these are essential for software developers to thrive in their careers.

Sprinters are assisted with building their communication and interpersonal skills such as active listening, assertiveness, patience and accountability – all of which help them create strong team relationships, foster higher collaboration, creativity and productivity and gain work-readiness for their IT careers. In addition, the ability to receive and act on constructive feedback builds maturity and resilience and has a direct impact on confidence and perseverance. 

redAcademy’s lecturing and operations expertise is tailored to our client partners’ tech stack, which gives Sprinters the opportunity to work on live projects involving the latest technologies being employed by the top companies in South Africa.
By working on our clients’ own tech stacks, Sprinters have the opportunity to learn as many languages as they can. As a starting point, it is important for young developers in 2023 to understand JavaScript, Java, Python and C# as a coding foundation. It is critical for young developers to incorporate these languages with the latest technologies and industry frameworks, examples include Docker, React.js, Node.js, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, among others.

Through our unique approach to software development training, redAcademy works closely with our corporate partners to train Sprinters on their own tech stack and operational processes. This helps Sprinters gain experience in live environments and understand software development in the real world, which enables them to enter the workplace without a skills gap between learned knowledge and experience.

What’s In Store For 2023?

The following timeline is for our Mowbray Academy only (Currently based at redPanda Software). Timelines for new locations will be updated regularly.

March 2023
Applications for July 2023 intake open
15 April 2023
Open Day
5 May 2023
Applications for July 2023 intake close
31 May 2023
Team 22 Graduation
15 June 2023
redAcademy closes for Semester Break
26 June 2023
redAcademy opens. Team 23 goes live on client projects
coding sprinter holding her phone looking at the redAcademy website

How To Apply

Applying to be part of our next Sprinter intake is easy!

Simple form
Fill in our simple online profile.
To complete your application, submit a 2 minute video introduction of yourself to us at 060 921 2128. Here is an example of what we are looking for »
Telephonic Interview
If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by someone from the redAcademy Team for a telephonic interview.
In-person Interview
If you're shortlisted, you will be invited for a first interview at our Cape Town office.
Final interview
If successful, candidates will go through a further interview for the final selection process.
The once-off tuition fee of R 43 200 is payable at the start of the sprint and covers the programme costs, access to lecturers, use of redAcademy's online network, course material and operational expenses. Sprinters will earn this amount back through their stipend over the course of the year.

Sprinter Criteria

Who is the ideal Sprinter

Eager to gain practical real-world coding experience
Ability to attend work at Cape Town redPanda offices
A positive attitude and willingness to learn
A go-getter who is motivated
Team player
Works in harmony with others
Takes pride in their work and efforts
Takes accountability
Eager to learn and use the most relevant, industry-used and needed coding languages
A natural inclination towards problem-solving
Considers themselves as Sprinters
Standard Bank Student Loan banner of graduated students taking a selfie

Career Sprint Financing

redAcademy has partnered with Standard Bank to provide prospective Sprinters with student loans.

General FAQs

young software developer students very happy standing outside

The redAcademy course is 12 months long.

Students will receive a stipend for the full 1 year sprint from the very first month in the academy and those that qualify will be placed into a full-time professional job the following year, effectively paying off their studies within a year.

Application is simple, we ask you create a short introductory video (using your phone or computer – what ever is easiest) and share with it on our WhatsApp number and fill out the form. You can find the application form here »

As we all know, tuition comes at a cost due to the time and resources that go into developing skills. redAcademy, through help from redPanda Software and partners, has been able to significantly reduce this cost. A once-off fee of R 43 200 is payable at the start of the sprint and covers the program costs, access to professional lectures, use of redAcademy’s online network, course material and operational expenses. Students will receive a stipend for their full sprint and those that qualify will be placed into a full-time professional job the following year, effectively paying off their studies within a year. redAcademy has partnered with some prominent forward thinking South African businesses to further reduce the upfront costs through our affiliation with these partners.

Yes! We are so confident in our programme that Sprinters who successfully complete the year will be placed into positions within the industry.

We encourage all to apply, through partnerships we have been able to further reduce fees. However, as we all know, operational costs are a part of any business which we do need to cover to continue offering the highest level of training. A monthly stipend of R 3 600, is paid from the first month to support our sprinters through the year in the academy.

We encourage all candidates to come to our Academy prior to starting the course as a part of the interview process. This is to gauge the suitability for yourself travelling and being a part of our dynamic learning environment as well as to complete the suitability testing process. Please reach out to our team via the mailing address if any concerns regarding committing a year to the academy or further details needed on this.

This is a Cape Town based academy, so if you are planning on moving here that would be great.

Coding Experience FAQs

young software developers coding in a dark room

Not at all, you don’t need coding experience to start the redAcademy tuition.

Absolutely! redAcademy offers a range of experiential learning in an office environment, including a learnership, working on live client projects and mentorship from senior developers. This experience combined into the learning environment ensures redAcademy sprinters can fast track their work place readiness as a productive team member in a software organisation.

View the course outline here »

The 12 month programme is based on experiential learning from top IT lecturers and senior developers currently working in the software industry. This includes C# coding and a NQF Level 5 in systems development offered in our office based campus and using our online learning platform.

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