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Cape Town IT graduates celebrate with new jobs

Alderman James Vos, the Cape Town city's Mayoral Committee Member at redAcademy sprinters graduation

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth, Alderman James Vos, kicked off Youth Month by joining redAcademy, a Cape Town-based IT learning hub, for the graduation ceremony of its first cohort Junior Software Developers. Read more below:

The graduates completed a 12-month course Career Sprint with practical training on coding and other aspects of software development. The group’s graduation also comes with an immediate job placement at redPanda Software, a software development organisation.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Alderman Vos said the City was committed to supporting industries that drove economic growth and created professional empowerment for people.

‘As a City, we are determined to create an environment in which skills development and jobs are accessible to more communities. The City supports Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) such as UVU Africa in the IT industry to do just that,’ said Alderman Vos.

Meanwhile, redAcademy has partnered with the City’s investment promotion partner, Wesgro, to participate in VivaTech, Europe’s biggest start-up and tech event, taking place in France from 14-17 June 2023.

RedAcademy Managing Director, Jessica Hawkey said the event is an opportunity to showcase Cape Town’s abundant talent and innovation that makes it an ideal environment for companies seeking to thrive in the tech industry.

‘During the event, we will be sharing valuable insights, our expertise and success stories that demonstrate the incredible potential of the dynamic South African tech industry. Our goal is to inspire collaboration, innovation, and shape the future of tech talent together,’ said Hawkey.

Alderman Vos also emphasised the importance of collaboration between the private sector and the government in ensuring job readiness for graduates across the tech industry.

‘Cape Town is Africa’s tech and investment hub. Jobs are made in Cape Town because the City government is on a mission to make this the easiest place on the continent to do business. When businesses have the freedom to grow, they grow their workforces,’ said Alderman Vos.

This article on the Cape Town IT graduates at redAcademy was originally published on Invest Cape Town.

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