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Provide more job opportunities for young South Africans and let them draw inspiration from our past — Deputy President

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile said the private sector should set youth employment targets and young people should ‘draw inspiration from the youth of the past, who also demonstrated the magnitude and power of young people when they are united to combat social injustices’. He made these points during the government’s official Youth Day celebrations in Mangaung.

“We believe in the youth of our country… we will fight hard for the development and growth of our youth,” said Paul Mashatile, delivering a keynote address during the government’s Youth Day celebrations on Friday 16 June.

He spoke about the need for the private sector to work with the government to provide opportunities for young people. “If there is one thing that industry and the private sector must do, it is to hold action labs solely focused on improving the implementation of programs aimed at assisting young people,” said Mashatile, who delivered his speech virtually.

“We require the private sector to set targets for the numbers of employment and support for the youth, which we will measure and monitor in the action lab. This work will be led together with the National Youth Development Agency and the existing social and private sector partners,” he said.

Mashatile said the government would need regular reports on the agreed action labs so “that by the time we are in 2024, we can report practical results in this regard”.

Currently, youth unemployment in South Africa stands at 46.5%.

This article on job opportunities for young South African’s was originally posted on MSN.

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