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How a career in tech can impact your future

redAcademy software lecturer at Grassdale High School roadshow

Creating excitement about skilled careers in software development and how a career in tech can impact your future

As  part of our career roadshow, some of our redAcademy team leaders and members visited Grassdale High School, in Grassy Park Cape Town. Speaking to their grade 10 – 12 learners, engaging on the opportunity of a fast tracked career in technology.

We were particularly excited to visit Grassdale together with two of our current Sprinters (redAcademy candidates) who recently matriculated from Grassdale, now able to speak first hand to their experience at redAcademy, sharing the actions and values that set them up for success for those still at the school.

We attend schools, with the aim to inspire youth to prepare themselves for skilled careers in technology, through showing pride in their school work, being accountable for their actions, making informed decisions and to develop a passion for learning about technology and software development.

Sharing what is possible as a career and some of the actions that can be taken now to set oneself up for future success, is one of the ways we aim to shift the unemployment statistics and scale business tech talent in South Africa.

Thank you to the teachers and leadership at Grassdale who show such passion for their scholars and their futures!


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